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In the American army, the role of medium mortar was fulfilled by the 81mm calibre M1 mortar. The mortar was the biggest killer of infantrymen throughout the war. An average crew could fire a dozen bombs in a minute.


Compared with artillery shells that had a tendency to get 'buried' on landing, directing a good portion of the explosion into solid ground, mortar bombs fell almost on their nose and released destructive power all around.

US Airborne Medium Mortar Team (1944-45)

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Nalevering rond de 10 dagen. Dit in verband met Douane verwerkingstijd.
  • US Airborne Medium Mortar Team (1944-45)


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    SKU: 403013102


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    Scale: 28mm - 1/56th

    1 Artillery Piece/War Machine

    3 Crew


    Requires Assembly

    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.

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