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The DFS 230 was developed by Deutsche Forschunganstalt für Segelflug (German Research Institute for Glider Flight) in 1933 and was a state-of-the-art design by Hans Jacobs. It could carry nine soldiers and their equipment in addition to the pilot (four passengers facing forwards and four facing the rear). The ninth passenger sat beside the pilot where he could operate a forward facing MG 34 machine gun.


It had an astonishing glide ratio of 1:18, so could be dropped quite a way from the target. As an assault glider it was equipped with a braking parachute that allowed it to dive steeply through any flak directly onto its target and come to a halt within 20 metres of its target. The number built from 1933 to 1941 was in excess of 1,500.


This MDF & card model comes with a wing span of 20 ¾ inches (53 cm) and a body length of 9 ¾ inches (25 cm). Build as an objective or crashed terrain, your Fallschirmjäger will be ready to spearhead any invasion!

German DSF230 Assault Glider

SKU: N091
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