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This light 4x4 truck was used for as a staff vehicle for high-ranking officers, weapons carrier, and in a variety of non-combatant roles such as ambulances and signals trucks. They were known as the WC series ‘W’ being the letter code for 1941 and ‘C’ designating the ½ ton truck – the same designation was retained for the ¾ tonner. They were also referred to as ‘Beeps’ or ‘Big Jeeps’. Although some were use for reconnaissance, the ¾ tonner was mostly used in the transport and tow configurations.


Cost: 25pts (Inexperienced), 31pts (Regular), 37pts (Veteran)

Weapons: none

Damage Value: 6+ (soft skinned)

Transport: 8 men Tow: light, medium or heavy anti-tank gun; light or medium howitzer; light anti-aircraft gun

Options: May have a pintle-mounted MMG with 360º arc of fire for +15pts.

Dodge 3/4 Ton Truck With M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun

Nalevering worden gewoonlijk zo rond de 10 dagen geleverd. Dit is afhankelijk van de douane.
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