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2024 & beyond!

As promised we would try to keep you a little up to date with our doings and well...sometimes don'ts.

Woops, false promises

Lets get the bad news out of the way first. Do not worry it sounds worse then it is. We broke our promise for releasing our own 3D scenery line late December and for that we want to apologize. We had some issue's with the printer and then the Family season exploded a bit more then usual so this part got sidetracked. But the good news is, the printer is cracking out stock and test prints again and our largest ''set'' is coming along nicely.

But we are making progress again!

Down below are a few pictures of our 8 part 28mm scale. High enough to hide WWII tanks. Ancient enough to play in nearly any time frame and compatible with our doors and windows test set so you can enhance it even further if you so wish. Now we will not be telling you when we will release this....since we do not want to give false hopes. 2024 and then hopefully sooner then later. Please note the test set will be for viewing the options and then you can choose what you like. Or a full set to test it all out. Anyways check out the pictures

2023 in a nutshell

Then 2023, our year where we finally started. Will not dive to deep into this part since we already made a large Facebook post before. Long story short it was great. We met many new face, Visited some events and tournaments. And we managed to hit our year 2 goal...already in year 1. All we can thank you for your trust in us. Even tho we do feel bad at times when the courier was a tat slow. But so far I think most of you were rather satisfied<3

2024 and beyond!

So what is next? Well we have a positive pains in our growth. You already know we can supply you with Bolt Action Miniatures & Those from Ancient, Dark ages and Napoleonic ages as well. Mostly from Warlord Games and Victrix Limited. Besides that our latest partner, Bravo Lima Miniatures is slowly but steadily cracking high quality prints.

We do like to let you know, that from the above mentioned suppliers we can also provide you with all their other brands for very sharp prices. Brands like Black Powder, Black Seas, Epic Battles, Pike & Shotte, Hail Ceasar, SPQR, Mythical and much more.

But that is now, whats the beyond? We are in talks now with another supplier. One that will give us access to games like Flames of War, Team Yankee, Aliens, Star Trek and more. But here comes the ''But''

Since we are a very small company, And our budget does not yet allow to keep a lot in stock we have to make decisions. Building a website with 10.000 out of stock items will not work and its not satisfying to do. So here comes our question to you (Thank you for reading so far) What would you love for us to add to the to the website for easy searching. Any of the above is possible. Or maybe you have a better idea ? (Some factories/brands have restrictions and we cannot promise we can supply from them if mentioned;)

You can let us know by email, thru a sms/whatsapp 0031613108736 or just thru our Facebook page/ Instagram or on the contact page on

Again Thank you for your time and cu on the next blog!

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