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The Valentine infantry tank Mk IX was, in effect, a Mk V, powered by a US GMC diesel engine and transmission giving it improved mobility and reliability. The Mk IX was upgraded with a potent 6-pounder gun, sacrificing the coaxial machine gun for increased anti-armour performance. Late models had an improved diesel engine, giving it 165 hp.


In addition to the forces of the British Commonwealth, the Valentine Mk IX served in the armies of the Soviet Union through the lend lease program. Soviet tank crews were well disposed towards the Valentines, being uncomplicated but effective in their design.


Contains one resin & metal Bolt Action vehicle with stat card and vehicle damage markers.

Valentine Infantry Tank Mk IX

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  • Scale : 28mm - 1/56th

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    Metal  Resin 

    Stat Cards

    Includes stat card, damage markers and decals

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