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The STZ-5 artillery tractor was a product of the Stalingrad Tractor Factory (STZ) from 1937 to 1942 in the Soviet Union. The tractor was designed to tow guns and howitzers of 8 tons and less at division-to-corps level. The STZ-5 was one of the few artillery tractors specifically designed by the Soviet government for its role. With more than 9,900 copies, this was the most produced 'military' Soviet tractor during the war. 3D printed model on a scale of 1:56 / 28mm with a 0.05mm layer thickness that ensures preservation of the details.

STZ-5 Artillerie Tractor

  • Material: Resin

    Scale 1/56 (28mm)

    This is a 3D print. Small imperfections may occur. Displeased? Please contact us immediately.

    This product has been washed and treated in a washing & UV machine. However, we always recommend that you carefully clean the product again before painting it.

    Supplied without glue or paint.

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