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Perfectly sized to fit a Chi-Ha or any other Japanese or other nationalities small to medium tanks This detailed resin terrain piece is perfect for protecting your prized vehicle as it waits to greet your enemies head on!


Dug In Vehicles in Bolt Action

On the defensive, it was common practice to dig in tanks as well as men, albeit considerably more digging was required! While the tank sacrifices its mobility, it gains protection by reducing its target size and not having its more vulnerable treads and hull exposed to enemy fire. Dug In vehicles (such as the special resin dug in Chi-Ha) count as being in Hard Cover to attackers and count immobilised damage results as crew stunned instead. Dug In vehicles may not of course move during the game.


Tank Emplacements in Bolt Action

In many theatres where the war had ground to a temporary stop, both sides would often prepare temporary defensive emplacements. These would provide effective cover to operate from should the enemy advance, with time to prepare they could be excellent ambush points if camouflaged. If the enemy targeted you with artillery the vehicle could make its escape and reposition from other prepared emplacements. Emplaced vehicles count as being in hard cover if more than 50% of the entire vehicle is hidden from the attacker's sight.

Japanese Tank Emplacement

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  • Scale: 28mm - 1/56th

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