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This model is part of ''Lowland in Ruins'' Set.


More than 150+ Scenery parts similarly. Easy to paint and war game resistant in terms of handling many games without breaking. Our walls are solid resin, ensuring a stable spot on the table.


Please note

Bear in mind due to the many variations in walls that Balustrades do not always fit nicely to other wall sections. A minor amount of sculpting with a knife is needed to make them connect the way you want. Other parts might need minor adaptations as well. Please read our Disclaimer to prevent any confusion.



While this set is purely fictional. Stone walls, buildings and fortifications have a long past in our ''bloody'' history. Some of the earliest examples of stone house construction date back to the Neolithic period, roughly 9000+ years ago. But It's easy to believe stone houses and other projects were around way before this.


Nearly 1000 years ago the first castle was constructed by the Normans. They were the ones to properly introduce these. In the next 500 years, castles were mastered in many countries. Many still standing today.


It's easy to say stone walls, buildings, towers, forts & castles were around for a long time. This set will offer you a generic version that could possibly be found in many places and be used in nearly all war games.

Gate with cobbled sides

SKU: LM007
  • Disclaimer - Please read carefully

    These models are 3D Resin printed models. We do our best
    to deliver them clean and free of any damages. However
    due to the nature of 3D printing, cleaning there might be 
    tiny scratches, minor damages or cleaning leftovers.

    Our regulary return policy applies also to our 3D models.

    We advice to clean your model at all times to ensure 
    an easy to paint model.

    Models are delivered unpainted, and might require assembly.

    Scale 1/56th (28mm) Suitable for all wargames useing this

    Keep away from children. Parts might be fragile in nature.
    Handle with care.

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