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The 369th Reinforced Infantry Regiment was a unit of the German Wehrmacht raised from volunteers drawn from Croatia. For this reason, it was commonly referred to as the Croatian Legion. Fighting on the Eastern front, the Legion were engaged in some of the most notable and striking actions of World War Two, including the first battle of Kharkov, Operation Fridericus, Plan Blau and finally the grim struggle for Stalingrad.


The Croatian Legion were the only non-German unit to directly attack Stalingrad, as opposed to holding the flanks, and whilst a direct attack on the symbol of Stalin may have been viewed as a way of honouring the Legion at the outset of the operation, four months later its battered remains were all but destroyed in arguably the harshest and most bitter battle conditions seen during the War.

When combined with our German or Winter German Bolt Action kits, this decal sheet will enable you to field this iconic legion on the tabletop in your eastern front campaigns.


Models not included and are shown for demonstrative purposes only.

Croatian Legion Decals

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