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This set represents the Carthaginian Citizen Infantry that were recruited to swell the numbers of the regular Carthaginian military. they were unarmoured but were equipped with helmets shields and spears.


This exceptional 24 figure set of 28mm hard plastic miniatures is superbly detailed and includes a myriad of additional parts, allowing hundreds of options when assembling. This set is fully supported by a range of shield transfers and banner sheets from LBMS.

Carthaginian Citizen Infantry

  • Whats in the box?

    24 x Figures

    7 x Warrior Frames

    1 x Command Frame

    6 x Body options

    11 x Head options

    44 x Shields (7 x options)

    28 x Spears and Javelins

    2 x Banners

    4 x Unsheathed Swords

    1 x Trumpet

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