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The Hanomag Sd.Kfz 251 named after its manufacturer Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG was the ubiquitous German half-track used throughout World War II to transport mechanised infantry units panzergrenadiers.


The carrier version was adapted to various roles, throughout the conflict and was used in most theatres.The German designation for the carrier SdKfz 251 was short for special ordinance vehicle, and the 251/9 'Stummel' version, with its 7.5cm SP gun, was invaluable in supporting the advance of the infantry.



  • 1 resin Sd. Kfz 251/9
  • 2 crew members
  • metal pieces for detailing

Bolt Action stats

  • Type: Transport and Tows
  • Weapons: One forward facing pintle-mounted MMG covering the front arc
  • Damage Value: 7+ (armoured carrier)
  • Transport: up to 12 men
  • Tow: Light or medium howitzer, light, medium or heavy anti-tank guns
  • Special Rules: Open-topped, Flak (pintle-mounted MMGs/light autocannons)
  • Options: May add an MMG, exchange 1 MMG for a forwrd-facing anti-tank gun or for a pedestal-mounted light autocannon with 360-degree arc of fire
  • NB: Can also be inexperienced and veteran, see Bolt Action rulebook for more details

Sd.Kfz 251/9 'Stummel' 7.5cm SP Gun

Productcode: WGB-WM-112
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  • Scale : 28mm - 1/56th

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