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Key to the campaign waged in the Western Desert was mobility in order to cross the vast sandy deserts. As a result both sides relied heavily on tanks and transports. Amongst these were the BMW 75 and Zundapp motorcycles utilised by the Deutsche Afrika Korps and adding extra speed and manoeuvrability to your Afrika Korps force.


The riders are separate from the motorcycle so you can easily mix and match as you prefer. For instance, you could add the pillion rider to the back of the Motorcycle and sidecar combination. These models also utilise our Figure Head system so you have choose which heads to build them with as well as having freedom of positioning.


Pack contains 1 metal motorbike and sidecar with 2 metal riders.

Afrika Korps Kradschutzen Motorcycle And Sidecar

Productcode: WGB-AK-23
€ 17,16Prijs
  • Scale: 28mm - 1/56th

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