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The Nimrod is a Hungarian self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the Swedish L-62 Anti II anti-aircraft gun. It was developed independently of the Swedish design, and utilised a new turret design. The chassis was an enlarged version of the Landsverk L-60 tank, which was produced under license in Hungary as the 38M Toldi. The Nimrod had a six-man crew, consisting of a commander, a driver, two loaders and two gunners.


Its primary armament was a 40mm Bofors gun, with a rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute. It could fire a wide array of shell types, from proximity and impact-fuzed rounds, as well as an anti-tank round that could penetrate 46mm of steel armour at 100 meters. Later in the war, Nimrod crews were issued with the 42M Kerngranate round, which was a rocket-propelled grenade that fitted over the cannon's muzzle like a rifle-launched grenade.


A grand total of 135 Nimrods were built, attached to the 1st and 2nd Hungarian Armoured Divisions, along with the 1st Hungarian Cavalry Division. Six-vehicle batteries would accompany armoured and motorised battalions, operating in platoons of two vehicles. Originally, the Nimrod was intended for anti-tank duties, but its anaemic gun saw it quickly relegated to an anti-aircraft role.

40M Nimrod SPAA Gun

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