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The Japanese, through bitter warfare, have become masters in the art of camouflage. When vehicles can no longer be serviced they are not wasted - the Chi-Ha can now continue as a dug in emplacement:


The Empire of Japan valued it's navy greatly, so much so that valuable metal and other assets were prioritised to them, naturally making other fields suffer. However ingenuity was still fresh and victory was still in their sights, they became rather creative with their tanks that they struggled to maintain. The Chi-Ha naturally struggled facing against American Armour, so it was time to bunker down and create ambushes.


These tanks became immobile turrets, forsaking mobility for additional protection by having a lower profile. The Chi-Ha was already relatively small and digging it in just increased it's deadliness. Sometimes lying in wait, or being used to fortify defensive positions, they are an effective edition to any army or gaming table!


Game rules

Dug in – the vehicle counts as being in Hard Cover to attackers and counts immobilised damage results as crew stunned instead. The vehicle cannot move for the entire game and is therefore always set-up onto the table (up to 12” from the player’s table edge) even in scenarios that do not allow initial set-up of units. Check out page 103 of Ostfront - Barbarossa to Berlin for more special scenario dug in rules.

Dug-In Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank

Productcode: 405106002
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Nalevering rond de 10 dagen. Dit in verband met Douane verwerkingstijd.
  • Scale: 28mm - 1/56th

    1 Vehicle

    ResinMetal Parts

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    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included. Decals not provided.

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