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Widely regarded to be the best tank during the early stages of the war, the Somua S35 had between 40 and 47mm of armour yet still managed to maintain a good level of manoeuvrability. The S35 was armed with a potent 47mm main gun and coaxial machine gun.


The S35 performed admirably during the Battle for France and was only let down by frailties in the French tactical approach to the war. Certainly the Germans were keen to bring the S35 into German service once France had capitulated, the new vehicle being designated Panzerkampfwagen 35-S 739(f). Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary also received the S35 from captured French stocks.


Contains 1 resin and metal vehicle. The S35 is also supplied with a random crew member from a set of six.

Somua S35

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