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Can you land your first elements as close as Staff Sergeant James Harley Wallwork did on that fateful day?


Upgrade to this amazing collector's edition, Ham and Jam set! Recreate this historical battle with all the elements in play!


Look at all those extras! And here is a complete list of everything in this massive box set:

  • Tilting laser-cut Pegasus Bridge with working checkpoints at both ends
  • Laser-cut Café Gondrée with accessible interiors
  • 16-page booklet with scenarios, rules and assembly instructions
  • Laser-cut machine gun bunker
  • 6 laser-cut French telegraph poles
  • Major John Howard (exclusive metal figure)
  • Metal Lord Lovat and Piper Bill Millin figures
  • 12 plastic multi-pose British Airborne
  • 20 plastic multi-pose British Commandos
  • Laser-cut MDF Horsa glider
  • 42 plastic multi-pose German Grenadiers
  • Resin and metal Marder 1 Sd.kfz 135
  • Resin gun emplacement
  • German 5cm KwK 39 anti-tank gun and 3 crew
  • Resin rectangular sandbag encampment
  • 7 Resin sandbag encampments
  • Plastic tank obstacles
  • 4 German MG42 medium machine-gun teams
  • Metal dead livestock - includes a horse and 2 cows
  • Full-colour waterslide decal sheets for the German and British Airborne miniatures
  • British Commandos assembly leaflet
  • Marder 1 stat card and vehicle damage markers

The British troops are elite and highly trained members of the 2nd Battalion of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry led by Major Reginald John Howard. They would 'Hold Until Relieved' by Lord Lovat, his personal piper Bill Millin, and his Commandoes.


German troops are from the 716th Infantry Division. This was a static coastal defence unit with poor equipment. It included pressed men from Eastern Front POWs, and young inexperienced Germans. reinforced throughout the day.

Ham & Jam 2nd Edition

Productcode: 409910041
€ 465,60Prijs
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  • Scale : 28mm - 1/56th

    Requires Assembly

    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.

    Made to Order

    While we hold as much stock as possible, on occasion this product may need to be cast especially for you by our expert staff. If your order includes this item, it may take a few more days before we ship it.

    Plastic  Resin, Metal Parts 

    77 Infantry

    1 Vehicle

    5 Crewed Guns/Artillery Pieces

    16 Crew

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