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The 40M Turán I was based on Skoda T-21 tank prototypes taken over by the Germans following the annexation of Czechoslovakia. The tank featured the Hungarian 40mm A17 anti-tank gun and 50mm of frontal armour. Although comparable to many early war tanks, the Turan was outmatched by Soviet tanks such as the T35. The response was to re-fit the tank with a larger turret and 75mm gun.


Hungary was unique amongst Germany’s eastern front allies in that it possessed an industrial base to produce its own natively designed armoured vehicles. M41 Turan II tanks were the mainstay of heavy tank companies of Hungary’s armoured field divisions post-Stalingrad, and operated heavily in the defence of Hungary. Relevant theatre selectors and further operational history can be found in Bolt Action: Campaign Fortress Budapest.


In Bolt Action terms, an 41M Turan II operates the same as a Turan I, with the exception that its turret mounted light anti-tank gun is replaced by a medium anti-tank gun at a cost of +20pts.

Principal service: 1940–44.


Numbers manufactured: 285 Turan I, 139 Turan II.


This platoon contains three 41M tanks, ideal for armoured platoon theatre selectors found in Bolt Action: Campaign Fortress Budapest, or for games of Tank War, and represents a significant saving over purchasing three vehicles individually.

41M Turán II Platoon

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  • Scale: 28mm - 1/56th

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